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I even managed to do a bit of studying, too! I have many reasons to thank the University of Leeds in addition to the education and the music I got there, not least for taking many boxes of my manuscripts, notebooks and random scribblings and giving them a home in the special collections of the Brotherton Library. I was able to visit the stacks and see the collection on the shelves, all neatly boxed and catalogued.

One of the members of the English Department was actually consulting one of my old notebooks for a paper she was working on. A few years ago my wife and I were able to set up a scholarship at the university for students from poorer backgrounds wanting to study English, with an interest in writing. Georgia is doing her masters, Dominick his PhD, and Eva, a second year student, had just won a university poetry competition, so that was a nice little extra. Also, outside the hall, I got to see my Leeds Alumni banner. Get your copy now! More to the point, we enjoyed ourselves!

There are six episodes, and in each one a crime writer discusses a true cold case with presenter Simon Toyne. Banks and his team find themselves with two suspicious deaths. One involves the apparent suicide of a young local student, whose body is found in an abandoned car on a lonely country road. How did she get there?

Where did she die? Who moved her, and why? The other case concerns a man in his sixties found dead in a gully up on the wild moorland. He is wearing an expensive suit and carrying no identification. Post mortem findings indicate that he died from injuries sustained during the fall. The button-down, Oxford-educated Raja Williams and the hipster, wild-child hacker Vinny Moore make a strange pairing but they work hand-in-glove.

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The two of them do whatever it takes to bring justice to those who have nowhere else to turn. This set includes Books 1, 2 and 3 in the volume Raja Williams series. Each novel has rich, supporting characters and a taste of the local culture. The writing style is lean and fast paced, with a hint of hard-boiled and plenty of humorous banter. As more bodies pile up, they find themselves targeted by a powerful enemy with much to hide, and must race to uncover the truth before everyone involved, including the two of them, ends up dead.

C'est la Vie: The search for a professor's wife leads Raja and Vinny deep into the French underworld,including the club scene riddled with designer drugs, and a modern day white slave trade. Will they find the missing woman before she falls victim to the elusive international criminal known only as the Scorpion? Swimming Upstream: The discovery of a sinister scorched-earth plot to hide the truth takes Raja and Vinny to the Arctic wilds of Canada and lands them in the middle of a battle over the riches of the pristine wilderness.

If assassins don't kill them, the sub-zero weather just might. What Amazon readers are saying: "Best detective since Sherlock Holmes! So, I'm always looking for another new author, to fill the space in between new releases of my authors.

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From the first chapter, I was hooked. The story, the characters, and the pace were outstanding. Plenty of action, good stories and well-developed plots. This is a fabulous series. Highly recommend! They are complex, interesting, surprising and always entertaining.

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Scroll up and grab your copy today. On a downward spiral since the loss of Annaliese, Charlie is drinking too much and not doing much of anything else. The only thing that keeps him going is his last link to Annalise - the Thoroughbred Jackie Black. When his landlady Blanca asks him to find two girls gone missing from the neighborhood, Charlie reluctantly agrees. The quest leads him through a twisted maze of lost and abused children which ends in a rumor - There is a man, or so the story goes, with a ranch in the mountains - a man who rescues girls from the streets and takes them to a safe place.

Does the man exist? And if he does, is he a kindly rescuer or a madman who lures girls with stories of a magical place?

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As Charlie searches for the truth , he meets Maria Arroyo, a woman with her own secret past. Together, they set out to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Dulce and Bonita. What they find is an unexpected revelation. Most private investigators are skilled, hard-working detectives looking to help others in need. But not Rob Sheffield. All he cares about is paying next month's rent and getting into the pants of his secretary.

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Sheffield P. Follow along with Gary R. Hess' story about Rob Sheffield, a lazy, crackpot private investigator who's usual work includes hunting for big foot. Now, he is tasked to investigate a neighbor of a woman full of her own dark secrets. In the perfect town of Cinder Falls, a heinous crime has just uprooted the community.

A wealthy businessman—well-known and respected—has been murdered, and there is little evidence to who the killer is. Officer Oliver Keyes is struggling to make detective, and this case may finally be the break he needs.

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Analytical and precise, he can see the clues that no one else can, but this may end up being a curse, not a blessing. As the mystery unravels, he learns that not one, but several people are involved, and the killers are ready to strike again. Oliver Keyes soon learns that some mysteries are too dangerous to solve, but it may be too late to stop now. This is an Odyssey book. An interactive experience that pulls the reader in like no other book in the world.

Full of suspense and terror, this is a police procedural, nerve wracking thriller that will keep you guessing until the very last page. In Queen's Quorum, a survey of crime fiction, this book was listed among the most important works in the thriller genre. The Loot of Cities Mr. The show must not go on. Howard Layton is player-manager of the Merrymakers drama troupe, and playing in drafty parish halls to unsophisticated audiences was getting more and more difficult.

He sensed he was fighting a losing battle against the competition of cinema and radio. Yet he and his wife still had ambitions for the career of their talented young daughter, the star of the show. But when she is murdered, their drama turns to tragedy. Why would anyone want to kill her? Devil Under the Skin is a tense, taut thriller about the power of ambition, whatever the setting.

He wrote magazine articles, short stories and radio features as well as numerous novels including Crane and The Silent Voyage. When did you see your first dead body? It is and Albie Edwards is given the position of acting sergeant. His first investigation centres around the case of a missing girl.

During the course of the investigation, Edwards finds himself under pressure to save the victim and find the attacker before they strike again. A lack of sleep and a need to further his career begin to play havoc with his thoughts. As the pressure builds, his memories take him back to his own childhood. Memories that should remain buried. When a steam train goes missing near the idyllic English village of Esterbrook, it's up to the local tea drinking club dubbed "the Saucers"--an aristocrat, a witch, a necromancer, a priest and a builder--to uncover the truth behind the vanishment before it's too late.

Candice Stevens knows the best way to atone for the blood on her hands is to silence a murderer before he strikes again.