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Stefaniak, Chad, Curtis, M. Koehler, H. Jackson, Scott ; Agoglia, C. Jackson, Scott , and Liu, K. Keune, Timothy, Bol, J.

Selected Publications

Tuttle, Brad , and Falsetta, D. Stefaniak, Chad, Gissel, J. Stefaniak, Chad , Hatfield, R. Tuttle, Brad , Kelton, A. Vandervelde, Scott , Gramling, A. Winchel, Jennifer , Koonce, L. Doupnik, Timothy S. Keune, Marsha and K. Johnstone, "Staff Accounting Bulletin No.

Stefaniak, Chad , and Robertson, J. Tuttle, Brad , and Pennington, R. Tuttle, Brad , and Wang, K. Vandervelde, Scott , Tubbs, R. Vandervelde, Scott , Lopez, T. Jackson, Scott , Hatfield, R. Jackson, Scott , Lopez, T.

Leitch, Robert , Fry, T. Leitch, Robert , Dow, K. Vandervelde, Scott , Leitch, Robert A. Caylor, Marcus L.

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Joshua Daniel Margolis. Joshua A. Michael W. Decision Making in the Workplace. Lee Roy Beach.

Measuring Efficiency in Health Care. Rowena Jacobs. Analyzing Quantitative Data.

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Advances in Accounting Behavioral Research, Volume 9

Maximilian Margolin. Understanding Education Indicators. Mike Planty. A Study of Professional Skepticism. Carmen Olsen. Gjalt de Jong. Contemporary Challenges in Risk Management. Panels for Transportation Planning. The effect of bias on decision usefulness: A review of behavioral financial accounting research. Behavioral research in management accounting: The past, present, and future. Behavioral research in auditing: Past, present, and future research. Auditors' consideration of fraud: How behavioral research can address the concerns of standard setters.

Behavioral research in taxation: Recent advances and future prospects.

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The future of behavioral accounting information systems research. Using the management control system to promote competitive advantage in organizations: Behavioral and sociological perspectives. The effect of justification type on agreement with a decision aid and judgment performance. The relationships among lifestyle preference, attrition, and career orientation: A three-year longitudinal study.

A comparison of job attitudes and turnover intentions among CPAs in public, private and governmental work settings.