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Nov 08, Lisa Remarkablylisa rated it really liked it Shelves: november This is my first Nicola Rendell book and after being told by my friend, Ambur, that Nicola's books are flirty, fun, and sexy I knew I would enjoy this one. Do You Feel It Too tells the story of a character very similar to Bear Grylls, the British adventurer, that dominated our televisions with his extraordinary show.

Gabe Powers is in Savannah to film his television pilot. He doesn't believe in ghosts but he's going ghost hunting. However, the only thing that he seemed to have found is a beautiful sound engineer named Lily Jameson.

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Their attraction sizzles from the pages as soon as they meet and long before their story ends. After an amazing night, Lily is hired by Gabe's eccentric talent agent to be the regular sound engineer for the show. This is a huge milestone for Lily as the small odd jobs here and there hasn't really made her instantly rich or her business booming. Everything sounds perfect until the contract states that no employee shall have a sexual relationship or any relationship for that matter.

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When Lily takes it very seriously, it's up to Gabe to seduce her. Only instead of just giving his body to Lily, he's also giving his heart. I really enjoyed the pacing of this story in a way. At first, it seemed a little bit quick at how attracted Gabe was to Lily. He just kept having really hot dirty thoughts of her and Lily didn't shy away from it either.

However, after we've gotten through the standard of the old in-n-out, they just kind of slipped into a comfortable relationship of living with each other which made it nice and sweet but also slow at times. These events didn't feel like it was moving the plot forward nor did it drive any characters to take actions that would cause conflict or have revelations.

Who also knew a sizzling romance could include a cast of quirky characters such as a pet bird who is amazingly smart for an animal who has a pea-sized brain? The parrot turned out to be one of my favourite characters. He just kept having these amazing conversations or he did fun things here and there that makes you laugh and scream just like what the characters are doing.

Move along dogs, parrots are my new favourite pets in books. I also really enjoyed Gabe as a character. He was so perfect that it made me sick. Always understanding, patient, and thinks before he acts, Gabe could be my new book boyfriend. Even when Lily had her insecurities about their relationship Gabe really wanted to talk it out instead of taking the easy way out.

I understood the complications of their relationships and felt that it in the long-end it might not workout but the story ended satisfyingly. Overall, the novel is a solid read but got a little slow for my liking so I had to knock off a star. I actually really do like long walks on the beach. Big fan of spaghetti and meatballs.


A rare and gifted storyteller, her stories are always so unique, so electric, so utterly satisfying in every possible way, but it is her whimsical writing style, the palpable magic between her characters, and her flair for making the ordinary extraordinary that have turned every one of her books into a treasured reading experience for me. Continue reading this review Follow me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! You guys know my guilty pleasure is all things alpha and that I basically jump at the idea of reading a book that promises one.

I only read one Nicola Rendell in the past, Hail Mary, which was a fun, light and steamy sports romance. A late Summer fling in a haunted town between tv host Gabe Powers and local quirky girl Lily sounded like the perfect way to farewell Summer and welcome the spoo You guys know my guilty pleasure is all things alpha and that I basically jump at the idea of reading a book that promises one. A late Summer fling in a haunted town between tv host Gabe Powers and local quirky girl Lily sounded like the perfect way to farewell Summer and welcome the spooky season.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the hero was more sweet than cocky or annoyingly self assured contrary to what the blurb promises keeping all that alpha male-ness I guiltily crave. I am all about insta-love and while I was on board with them being instantly and strongly attracted to each other, falling in love with someone after two - super steamy - days made the story seem more silly than romantic.

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  6. In addition to that, I was sort of expecting some spookiness that unfortunately, was never really there. But hey, in despite of that and all things -alpha and steamy- considered, I surely enjoyed it. Rating: 3. Oct 01, Jacqueline rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley-arc. This is what I hope to feel from every book I read, yet it's so rare to find it. Gabe is swoony, Lily is real and the General is the best pet I've ever read, I adored him. He was also hilarious.

    The only thing that I wasn't keen on was the unsolicited advice from strangers towards the end. It felt a bit contrived to me, especially coming after all of that originality and sparkle in the rest of the book.

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    While it didn't spoil the book, I felt a bit disapp 4. While it didn't spoil the book, I felt a bit disappointed. But can we talk about the smut in this? Yikes it was hot. And Gabe is a proper boy scout, croc wrestling alpha with a dirty mouth and a natural sense of romance. Yeah so I'm swooning again, sorry. Fabulous read, highly recommended. Complete story, standalone. May 13, Tanya Jarvis rated it really liked it Shelves: plus-characters , alpha , famous-hero , funny , dirty-talker , love-the-south.

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    Despite that I really enjoyed this lol. Gabe is a 39 year old globe-trotting host of a popular TV show that scours the world looking for urban legends, monsters and ghosts. Lily is a 35 year old sound tech running her own smal 4 stars! Lily is a 35 year old sound tech running her own small company in Savannah, Georgia. Gabe ends up in Savannah to film a show on a supposed haunted house and he ends up running into Lily literally!..

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    And from there Good grief! But i loved it! And the use of cameras and other toys later on?? Oooooh yeah lol. And honestly? I adored Gabe. He was unapologetic about his feelings and totally went for it. I loved that. I loved how determined and steadfast he was and how immediately he wanted lily forever. Lily, in this story has a pet African grey parrot called the General. Makes the book lol. He was absolutely hilarious and if anything, you should read this to LOL over this bird. I really did. Now things that irked me view spoiler [. Obviously she is, but the whole condom issue should have been discussed before getting it on.

    Not ppl closing in on But getting engaged within a week or so is a little much. And I definitely love Gabe. And the general!