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I reach out and touch the soaked towel. If I knew I was going to die tonight, what would I have done differently -- call my family and friends and tell them how much I loved them online? News of his injury reaches his friend, Dr.

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However, his life was nothing but tragic. These words evoke freedom, creativity, and unlimited possibilities. We use these words to describe ultimate pleasure, goodness and perfection. Call me homophobic, but I just don't think a 5- or year-old brain is ready to tackle those complexities. This will show that you're put thought into what he likes and that you've made an effort to make him happy pdf.

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Now, the agency is suing to get them back. The earlier breast cancer is diagnosed, the better the chances are for successful treatment. It is a laugh out loud, smile worthy, swoon worthy and just an absol There is something about J. It is a laugh out loud, smile worthy, swoon worthy and just an absolutely cute and good read. Well enter Emma who is a new friend to the group and she decides to offer her help in remaking or bringing back the old exciting Kyle again.

After several failed attempts at setting each other up, which you have to read because some of them were just too much, they begin to see the light and realize that they may have feelings for one another but neither one is ready to voice that knowledge out there afraid of what the other may think, after all they are just friends.

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Emma has a bit of a past and because of that has trouble opening up and letting people in, but when she does it's completely worth it for everyone around. Love is definitely in the air, or at least infatuation. I really enjoyed that Zack and Chloe play a role in this book as egging them on subtly and sometimes not so subtly. The couples in this book were great and their road trip to love was a fun ride that I would definitely take again.

This is a great summer fun read that is short enough that it may lead you to wanting more. Loved it and really cute and simple cover which leads you to imagine the main characters in your own way. Jul 29, Kimber Wheaton rated it really liked it Shelves: ya. It's so hilarious! It gives great insight into protagonist Kyle's personality.

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I fell in love with Kyle during this scene. Johnston is written in first person, the point of view switches between Kyle and Emma. I love books where we get the dual point of view. It adds to my overall enjoyment to be in the thoughts of both characters. Emma and Kyle are very lovable characters. It's obvious to the reader early on that Kyle and Emma would be perfect together.

I spent the entire book rooting for them. The book is a quick, lighthearted read, and full of laughs. I wish I hadn't read the first third sitting in the orthodontist's waiting room. People were looking at me like I'd lost my mind when I couldn't stop laughing. I blame the scene in the library, so very funny. Sorry no spoiler - you've got to read it yourself! Emma and Kyle both wonder why they can't find someone decent to date.

Emma thinks Kyle needs to clean up his look, get rid of the torn t-shirts and cargo shorts. Though really, Kyle seems so cute and sweet, the lack of classy threads shouldn't be hurting him.

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It becomes apparent early on that Emma's main problem is the type of guy she's looking for. She keeps going for these self-centered guys because they don't ask questions, but who can stand to be around them for very long? Emma is trying to escape her past which she views as an embarrassment. She's terrified of Kyle because he asks questions about her and wants to get to know her better. Given the protagonists are college age, this book could be classified in the new adult category.

However, for subject matter I would put it on the cusp of young adult and new adult.

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I recommend this novel to everyone high school and up that enjoys a sweet, funny contemporary romance. Just don't read it in public if you don't want people staring when you laugh too much. May 23, Laura Wells rated it liked it. Ok, so after finally dumping Lana at the end of Zack Warren's book, Kyle can't seem to find the right girl. Might be something to do with his lack of care for how he comes across and what clothes he wears I mean, theres no one to impress right? Enter Emma. She's determind to help him get the girl. He deserves to be happy after Lana humiliated him.

But as they spend time together, both develop feelings the didn't expect and definitely didn't want. Loved both central characters in this book. Kyle was such a gentleman and for a nice change, the female lead didn't annoy me. The story is quite short, which meant that it progessed a little too quickly for my tastes. I would have liked for there to be more chase in the beginning, but their feelings for each other began very early on. Then there was an "I love you" which came out of nowhere! Nevertheless I enjoyed this book -well written as an easy afternoon read, and I look forward to lots more books from the author.

Jun 03, Mackenzie rated it really liked it. If it had been more expensive, I probably only would have given it three stars though. The story was sweet and the characters were easy to root for. The dialogue was sometimes a bit too corny and drawn out but mostly it was good. A few characters returned from the original besides Kyle and Emma Zack, Chloe, Carlos, Stella, Tobey and, for a small bit, Lana and it was great to get a peek at what happened to them.

I look forward to seeing what J.